Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Vista and ActiveSync

For the Vista users out there you have probably discovered that ActiveSync is no longer supported. What you should be using is Windows Mobile Device Center more info and available for download from Microsoft here.

One unfortunate oversight is that it will not currently Sync with the new Vista Windows Calendar or Email applications. Microsoft, however, are planning a new service release that will support this applications in the future.


D Beaton said...

im having hellish problems trying to set up a sync between my ipaq and vista. reading the small print it seems that windows mobile 6.1 only syncs with devices using windows mobile 2003 or newer. my device is using windows mobile 5. is 2003 newer than 5? ive only had it two years or so. does this mean i wont be able to sync contacts, etc between my device using mobile 5.0 and Vista?? seems a rip off!!!

GraemeW said...

Windows 2003 is older then Windows Mobile 5. Certainly it couldn't be a problem.

Does it not connect at all, or does it connect but not sync?

I've found a lot of connectively problems using vista, I commonly have to either reboot the PC to get a device to connect or disable then enable the RNDIS network adaptor that appears when the device is plugged in else the PC doesn't show the device as connected in mobile device centre...