Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New contributor

This is my first post and should go someway to introduce myself and let you know my relevant background and experience.

My name is Nigel Goodyear and I've spent 19 years in the mobile and embedded computer industry. 14 of these working at a rugged handheld manufacturer, Husky Computers (now Itronix) and have been with Intrinsyc since 2002.

Both jobs have led to in depth experience with mobile computers, embedded systems and wireless communications.
My Microsoft Windows Embedded experience includes:
  • Porting BSP's, device drivers and low level firmware
  • Windows Embedded CE version 2.11 to 6.0 and Windows Mobile
  • Customer Account and Project Management
(q) No prize - but does anybody remember the o/s variant and kernel this device executed?


Anonymous said...

wow! you are fantastic

Unknown said...


Good to here from you - that device is an Fex21 it originally shipped with CE HPC Pro (CE 2.11) then at Itronix we upgraded it to CE HPC2000 (CE 3.0). It had a good life thanks to your hard work on a lot of good low level code. We still have a number of customers using it. We have since moved on to QVGA handheld products that have used CE 3.x, CE 4.2, and now CE 5.0. I still see your name in a lot of the device driver code and firmware code.

Nice to know your at Intrinsync!
Neal Davis