Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Determining Broadcom vs Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on PPC

I was always under the impression that Smartphone used the Microsoft bluetooth stack and PocketPC used the Broadcom stack, but this isn't true!

OEMs for PocketPC can use any stack, so some PPC devices still use the Microsoft stack.

To determine this at runtime try loading the broadcom dll:

HINSTANCE hInst = LoadLibrary(L"btsdkce50.dll");

If this fails then try the microsoft bluetooth APIs...!


Anonymous said...


i am using btsdkce50.lib to complile my BT application on win ce 5.0

but when i run the exe, i find that the lib fails to get loaded. i would like to know how do i solve this issue as its hampering me to complete my assignment.

please mark a copy to me on

GraemeW said...

Unfortunately if you link to the btsdkce50.lib you will need the broadcom dll on the system, my suggestion is to either have a separate dll that is linked to the btsdkce5.0lib, dynamically link to the library or have a separate exe per stack.