Monday, 11 February 2008

New place of work

Thought I'd just let everybody know that keeps an eye on this Blog that over the last couple of months you might have noticed the new company web links appear.
This has been due to both my self and Graeme leaving Intrinsyc after they decided to close the EMEA office.

I'm sure Graeme will let you know more about his new plans creating ByteSnap but for this entry I'll focus on my self (but keep it brief).

I've joined another EMEA Embedded Gold Partner in the UK called Direct Insight Ltd.( as the "Embedded Platform Architect".
Direct Insight supplies embedded development platforms encompassing reference kits, production ready modules, embedded development tools, training and services. Thousands of developers across Europe rely on our expertise, support and product solutions to get to market. We are also experts in the field of JTAG test and programming.

Anyway enough advertising. But what I can say is this new role will let me continue to build on and keep my Windows Embedded knowledge up to date which I can share with you all and help enable more products to design in Windows CE, WinMo and XPe.

- Nigel

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