Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Missing Ordinals in Windows CE

If you get the message:

ERROR: function @ Ordinal 297 missing
Please Check your SYSGEN variable!!!

Then the problem is most likely to be a missing funciton in CoreDLL, to check which it is go to the private sources:

\WINCE600\PRIVATE\WINCEOS\COREOS\CORE\DLL>notepad core_common.def

In this you should be able to search for the ordinal number

BatteryDrvrGetLevels=BatteryDrvrGetLevels @297
BatteryDrvrSupportsChangeNotification=BatteryDrvrSupportsChangeNotification @298
BatteryGetLifeTimeInfo=BatteryGetLifeTimeInfo @713
BatteryNotifyOfTimeChange=BatteryNotifyOfTimeChange @714
GetSystemPowerStatusEx=GetSystemPowerStatusEx @715
GetSystemPowerStatusEx2=GetSystemPowerStatusEx2 @1358

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